About the authors

This book is co-authored by Siddharth V. Patwardhan and Sarah S. Staniland

Siddharth V. Patwardhan

Siddharth is currently a Professor of Sustainable Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Sheffield. He leads the Green Nanomaterials Research Group with a vision to develop sustainable routes to functional nanomaterials. The group focusses on the discovery of bioinspired nanomaterials, assessing their scalability and developing manufacturing technologies for energy, environmental, biomedical and engineering applications.

Follow his group at @GreenNanoRes

Sarah S. Staniland

Sarah Staniland is a Reader of Bionano-Materials in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. She leads the BioNanoMagnetic Research Group, which studies the biomimetic synthesis of magnetic nanomaterials and is particularly inspired by the production of magnetite nanoparticles within magnetic bacteria.

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